In India no meal is complete without a sweet treat. No matter how full you are, you will always find a room for this final course to end your meal on a sweet note! To end the meal with a good round of dessert is more like a tradition.  Unique Desserts of India are generally an experiment of combining unique ingredients which can sometimes shock your imagination. There are some unique desserts of India with a boast of diverse and interesting flavours and are found in different parts of the country.

1. Apple Kheer:

Kheer has always been a part of Indian spread. Delicious apple kheer is you ca say of one of the unique desserts of India is a creative kheer recipe with grated apples boiled with milk. Apple kheer is one of the unique dessert of India and is a welcome change from a traditional kheer recipes and it not only has the goodness of fruit but also but also has a aromatic flavour of cardamom. This dessert can be even good for Diabetic patients as it can be cooked in low fat milk and sugar substitutes. Apples impart their natural flavour. While different dry fruits like almonds and walnuts add crunch to this unique kheer. Milk has abundant proteins and calcium,and the goodness of apples and dates, of course, needs no explanation! Apple Kheer also be made during festivals or whenever we feel like having something sweet. This Kheer would be relished not just by you but the entire family as it emits cardamom’s fragrance and the sweet taste of apple.


Unique Desserts of India- Apple Kheer
                                                                                       Apple Kheer
Unique Desserts of India

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