India is a diverse country with various cultures. Each state has its own way of life and own way of celebrating different occasions. We celebrate our festivals making sure that each and everything is done perfectly especially the food. Celebrating each festival with sweets is something we all hold close to our hearts.Each state has something different and wonderful to offer. Desserts are the cherry topping of Indian culture. India is said to be a country of sweets and desserts. The richness of a land and its culture is reflected in its cuisine. Desserts are considered an integral part of every meal. A meal is not complete without a dessert . Being Indians the craving for desserts will be never ending. Desserts are not only the part of our staple food, but they are also offered in our places of worship. At the time of Ganesh festival there are variety of sweets that a offered as a prasad like steamed modak, Laddos, Sheera etc.Desserts form an integral part of our offerings.