Mysore Pak has its origin from Mysore in the state of Karnataka. Maysore Pak is a mouth watering sweet dish of India made with roasted gram flour and clarified butter which gives the aroma and a sweet taste. Mysore Pak is more of a traditional South Indian sweet that is served on special occasions and at the time of festivals. This sweet was first created in the kitchens of Mysore Palace. One day the head cook named Kakasura Madappa simply made a concoction of besan, ghee and sugar which gave the look of gleaming gold in colloid form and dripping with ghee. The sweet that was formed delighted royalties so much that it became a Royal Sweet and when the king asked the name of the sweet Madappa did not have a name and so he called it as a Mysore Pak.

Mysore Pak
                                                                                      Mysore Pak
  1. 1 Cup besan/Chickpea flour
  2. 1 3/4  Cup Sugar
  3. 1/2 Cup water
  4. 1 Cup ghee
  5. 1/2 Cup oil
  1. Sieve besan well twice . St this aside diving into 3 parts. Make a point that there are no lumps in the flour.
  2. Grease a small pan well and set aside.
  3. Begin to heat ghee and oil in a pot on a low to medium flame. We need hot ghee and oil to add to the bubbling besan and sugar syrup later as and when required.
  4. On other side heat sugar in a small pot along with water.
  5. Boil it on a medium heat stirring often until a one string consistency is achieved.
  6. Make sure your oil and ghee are getting hot.
  7. Add 1/3 portion of besan to the bubbling sugar syrup. The flame has to be medium and the sugar syrup bubbling well at this stage else the Mysore Pak turns flat and not porous.Stir until all flour blends well with the sugar syrup.
  8. Add the next 1/3rd portion of the flour and repeat adding the last part too following the same process.
  9. There should not be any lumps and the flour should have blended well with the sugar syrup.
  10. Now add one ladle full of hot ghee and oil to the besan mixture. Immediately the oil and ghee must sizzle meaning it is hot enough.
  11. Make sure the ghee is really very hot otherwise increase the flame of the burner to keep the ghee and oil consistently hot. Quickly stir well until all the ghee has been absorbed.
  12. Repeat adding the ghee in parts and repeat stirring until the ghee is well absorbed each time.
  13. As you keep adding the ghee everytime it has t sizzle, then stir well until absorbed.
  14. At one stage you will see the mixture just begins to leave the pan.
  15. Quickly add some hot ghee and stir. Do not add a lot at this stage as it will leave out the excess.
  16. The mixture will become very thick with lot of pores. No more adding ghee at this stage otherwise it will ooze out the excess. The mixture will leave the pan completely within few seconds.
  17. Be very very quick and transfer to a greased pan. With the help of greased spoon level the top.
  18. Set aside for 10 -15 mins. invert it on the board. Cut to desired sized pieces.
  19. Cool Mysore Pak completely and store in air tight jar.