We Indians are born with sweet tooth. Sweets are known as Mithai in India, it is available in all shapes, colours and flavour to suit the urge for sweet. The sweets are decorated with all kinds of dried fruits like almonds,pistachio, cashews and silver. Usually desserts are very tempting, they are the best way to end a nice meal.

Indians celebrate any special occasion like puja, house warming, weddings, birth of a child,festivals or nay good news with Mithai. A mithai is a celebration of happiness and giving sweet is symbolic of sending good wishes. Each region has its own specialties. They add their own flavour and a special touch to each dessert they make.

North India is said to be the representation of all things that spell food. The traditional North Indian desserts are ghee-laden goodies that are filled with rich dry fruits and flavoured with spices like saffron or cardamom. The texture, taste and richness of each dish are distinct. Here’s the list of must-try Mithais from North India.

North Indian Desserts
                                          North Indian Desserts

Famous North Indian Desserts:

Gulab Jamun


Gajar halwa